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fire and gas

Fire and Gas Detection System

MDC offers both analogue and addressable fire and gas detection systems. We are able to design, build the required panels, create necessary software, facilitate the installation process, and offer commissioning.

MDC is a partner to the global leader in fire and gas safety systems, Det-Tronics, with full training in S3 software and EQP controllers. All our systems are designed to UK and NFPA Standards, within our full FAT premises in Bury St Edmunds.

Det-Tronics Official UK Partner

MDC are proud partners to fire and gas safety system market leader, Det-Tronics, and have been certified to meet their standards. Fully trained in system design and S3 software capabilities, we are able to apply our knowledge to your system requirements.

If you’re interested in purchasing Det-Tronics spares and parts, please enquire by emailing:

HVAC Systems

We are experienced in heating, ventilation and air conditional (HVAC) systems, able to design PLC and relay based control systems. We are able to design, build the required panels, develop software and manage installation, as well as organise commissioning.

All our HVAC systems are designed at our full FAT premises in Bury St Edmunds.

Fire and Gas Recent Project

The Shell terminal at Bacton Gas Terminal

Provided full design and development for HVAC controls on modular type buildings within the Shell terminal that receives gas and condensate from offshore pipelines.

Exxon Mobil in Iraq

Predominantly using Det-Tronics and Siemens components to detect fire and gas within modular type buildings within the West Qurna oil field.


Provided full HVAC controls in the switch room of a BP owned building, to aid in the management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.